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Struthers Book Club

We all love to read good Christian books. Here you can read a variety of book reviews by members of our congregation

Timothy Keller 'Encounters with Jesus' reviewed by Rosalind Creighton

Encounters With Jesus' by Timothy Keller is a gem of a book. Each chapter focuses on Jesus' relationship with a different person he  encountered during His life on earth: from Nathaniel to the woman at the well; from Nicodemus to Mary, Jesus' own mother - among others. Keller is a true theologian but there is nothing dry about his work - he writes with such warmth and my soul is often thrilled at the end of each chapter. I've read this several times and reckon I will revisit it again. 

I think this book is best digested one chapter at a time as there is so much to dwell on before moving on to the next part.

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