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Sunday Meetings


Sunday 14 July 2024

Today we had a wonderful service with Scott Cameron speaking to us. Our meeting started with a lively time of praise followed by the choir then a duet by Graham and Eric. Scott spoke to us about his own journey and the 'irresistable draw of Jesus'. He spoke about Jesus calling the disciples to be with Himself, before He called them to heal sick, cast out demons, and for each and every one of us, first and foremost we are called to be with Jesus. It was a beautifully encouraging word to us and by the end of the service I think it would be fair to say that we all felt we had all been with Jesus. 

7 July.jpeg

Sunday 7 July 2024

This morning was our coffee and chat before the meeting. It gives folks a chance to sit, have a coffee and catch up with each other before the meeting. At 11am we all went through to the main church where Kirsty led us in a lovely time of praise and worship which was then followed by Claire singing a beautiful solo.

Eric brought us the word this morning and spoke from the text 'forgetting what is behind, and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal.....'. He spoke to us about moving forward, forgetting what has happened in the past in our lives and encouraged us to move forward in God.

Before the meeting closed we shared communion and had a time of reaching out to God.


Sunday 30 June 2024

We started our meeting this morning with a time of praise led by Graham. This was followed by a lovely solo from Kirsty called "Leave it me, child" and then we had the word from Jennifer. She spoke from various old testament passages regarding rebuilding and spoke about our own rebuilding and going out and speaking to people.

We then had a time of communion and prayer before finishing the meeting.


Sunday 23 June 2024

Eric led us in a time of worship this morning before the choir came to sing to us. After that it was over to Janet who spoke to us about the gifts and calling of God and gave excellent teaching in moving out in your calling. 

After the speaking there was a time of communion and worship before we finished. There was a good sense of life in the meeting and people moving in the spirit.


Sunday 16 June 2024

Today the theme was Evangelism and Jennifer spoke of the paralysed man being lowered down from the roof by his friends so they could get him to Jesus. She spoke of us as being ones that take a corner of the mat and take others to Jesus. She spoke about the upcoming Alpha course which is being run in the church in September, encouraging us all to invite unsaved to the course. 

We had a time of worship at the beginning taken by Kirsty; Eric and Graham sang a lovely song in recognition of Father's Day and the heart of our heavenly Father and then we heard the word and shared communion.


Sunday 9 June 2024

Today we had Messy Church....and it was very messy!!!

A great time was had by all


Sunday 2 June 2024

A busy morning this morning. We had a great time of coffee and chat before the meeting started at 11am. Susie and a team lead us in a time of praise which was follwed by a lovely song by the Glasgow church choir. 

This morning Jennifer was doing a presentation on the results of a recent questionnaire filled in by church members about how we see the future of our church. It was really interesting to hear what people had said and she presented a possible mission statement from the answers received. 

Before the close of the meeting we had a time of communion and then a number of folks were going to hand out leaflets advertising our Messy Church next week.

19 May 3.heic

Sunday 19 May 2024

Today's meeting started with a time of praise and worship lead by Graham Mellstrom and he taught us a new song along the way. Graham Offord and Willie Kinnaird sang a beautiful duet, a song by Len Magee who was a Christian song writer way back in the 1970's. 

Claire then gave an extremely moving testimony from her experience of God speaking to her at a church camp in 2018, asking her to put things right between herself and someone else. Susie followed on from the testimony to speak on the theme of 'Forgiveness' and the improtance it is not to harbour unforgiveness or bitterness in our heart and how we have to forgive each other, even though we may feel we are not in the wrong.

After the speaking there was a short time of prayer and communion before closing in song.

19 May.jpg
19 May 2.jpeg

Sunday 12 May 2024

We had a busy church weekend this weekend with our Spring Fayre on from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, followed by the monthly Saturday night meeting and then our meeting this morning. Graham led us in a time of worship at the beginning this morning which was followed by a great solo from Eric. After the solo, Jennifer spoke to us this morning on Pentecost and gave some church history surrounding the day of Pentectost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. She spoke of the power of the Holy Spirit coming into each of our own individual lives and then led us in a further time of worship and communion.

12 May.jpeg

Sunday 5 May 2024

Today we had our Ethiopian congregation join us for a joint service. They had some wonderful singing as well as prayer and a word brought to us by one of their leaders. The women came in traditional Ethiopian dress which was absolutely beautiful and they taught us how to worship with all of our heart, soul and might! We were treated to an outstanding Ethiopian lunch after the service and shared a lovely time of fellowship.


Sunday 28 April 2024

Exciting morning at church today! We had our first every Messy Church and I think it's fair to say that everyone, young and old alike loved the event. The theme was The Good Shepherd and we had loads of different 'shepherd and sheep' activities which was followed by a very short family gospel service.


Sunday 21 April 2024

Today the meeting started off by Leah leading us in a time of praise and teaching us a new song along the way. The choir also sang which was lovely and then Jennifer spoke on the theme 'The power of a heavenly vision'. She spoke of Paul's vision on the road to Damascus and how God can give us all a vision. Jennifer spoke of her vision for Glasgow and for God to move and also about each person who has been saved have had their own Damascus Rd experience and to let God give them a vision.

After the speaking, Kirsty led us in a time of prayer and communion.


Sunday 14 April 2024

This morning's meeting got started with Kirsty leading us in praise. We usually start with a chorus that the kids can be involved in before they go out to their various Sunday schools and everyone, children and adults alike love these songs.

Our time of praise was followed by Graham singing a lovely solo which was then followed by Eric bringing the word to us this morning. He was speaking from various parts of scripture on the theme of Desire for God. He used exmples of lives from the bible, people who had desired God and sought Him wholeheartedly. He particularly spoke from Psalm 37 v 4 'Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart'.

Eric brought the word to a close by asking 'What sort of a people are we?' and urged us to be a people who delights in the Lord and follows him wholeheartedly.

We then had a time of worship and communion before closing in song.


Sunday 7 April 2024

We had our coffee and chat from 10am until 11am this morning before the service started at 11am. 

Eric led us in a time of praise at the begining of the service which was followed by a solo by Kirsty before Jennifer came to speak. The theme this morning was 'The Empty Cup' and Jennifer spoke about the cup that Christ drank for us, the cup of the wrath of God, which is now empty for us. This was followed by a time of communion and then we had our usual loads of church announcements. There is always a lot happening so do check our What's on page for regular updates.


Happy Easter Everyone!

He is risen! And we had a jam packed morning this morning. It all started at 10am with an Easter Egg hunt and games for the young ones. We had lots of new families visit from the local area and then we moved into the big church for some great praise on this Easter Sunday morning. Lots of happy faces, lots of children running around and lots of happy parents also!


Sunday 24 March 2024

Today is Palm Sunday and we had a Palm Sunday service this morning. After Graham had led us in praise at the beginning, our choir sang the piece 'Say to the daughter of Zion' and then Jennifer brought the word to us. She spoke around the triumphal entry and that it wasn't a mistake that Christ was there or that He was driven there by the devil. Christ was in control at all times, He knew what was going to happen.

We then had a time of worship before communion.

Next week on Easter Sunday morning we are having an Easter Egg hunt before the morning service and we would love to see you there.

24march (1).HEIC

Sunday 17 March 2024

Today in church we had quite a few people taking part as always. Graham Mellstrom led us in a time of worship at the beginning and then Willie Kinnaird and Graham Offord sang a beautiful duet that was written by Iain Lundie who sadly passed away last summer. He was an extremely gifted musician and songwriter and a book of his songs was published a few months ago.

It was Leah who brought the word to us this morning. She spoke about how throughout the gospels, Christ makes statements that might seem quite ureasonable to His listeners eg. 'turn the other cheek', 'sell all that you have', 'be of good cheer'. Butwhen we look at it through a different lens, His commands reflect His kingdom sacrifice and love. Actually, the most 'unreasonable' demand ever made was for Christ to come and die for worthles sinners. But He said 'I will go' and loved us with such love that nothing we can every lay down for Him can ever compare.

This was followed by a time of communion and of course we have a load of announcements at the end of all that is happening in church life!

10 March.jpeg

Sunday 10 March 2024

Sunday morning meetings are always different from week to week, with different people taking part in the service. This morning Natalie lead us in a time of worship at the beginning and this was then followed by Julia's testimony to her Bapstim in the Holy Spirit. Eric an Graham then sang a duo before the word was brought to us by Susie. The theme this week was 'The Mountain Top Experience' where she brought us to Mount Moriah, Mount Sinai and Mount Calvary looking at what happened on the top of each of those mountains. She spoke about the desire of God for each of us to have our own mountain top experience; yes there will be suffering, sacrifice, pain but on that mountain top we will get to ecounter Him in ways that can only take place through sacrifice and suffering.

We then had a short time of prayer and communion before finishing our service with song.


Sunday 3 March 2024

We had a very busy Sunday morning this morning. We started at 10 am by having our monthly coffee and chat before church and then started the meeting at 11am with a time of praise. We then had a great solo from Aja, a very happy song that she wrote herself and she had us all singing along and clapping. This was followed by a tesimony by Julia and then Jennifer brought the word to us this morning from 1 John chapter 1 "God is light, and there is no darkness in Him at all". She spoke about how important it is to focus not on difficulties but on Christ in whom there is no darkness. We sang a golden oldie after the word 'Walk in the light' then had a time of communion.


Sunday 25 February 2024

We had a very full morning at church today. It started with Jennifer taking some praise at the beginning and then the choir sang followed by Louise giving a great testimony. She and her husband Paul have recently relocated back to Scotland and it was great to hear how she was saved, baptised in the Spirit and more of the moving of God in her life.

We then had Kirsty who brought the word to us this morning on the theme 'Blessed are those whose hope is in the Lord their God' and spoke from some psalms. It was a message to build up the church and for us to hope in God. We then had a time of worship and communion.


Sunday 18 February 2024

Although our young folks and youth workers were at a conference this weekend, our numbers at the service this morning were great. We started with Graham leading us in a time of praise and this was followed by Paul Jarvie giving his testimony. He and his wife Louise have recently relocated back to Scotland from Wales and it was great to hear how God has moved in his life. Janet then brought the word to us this morning on the theme of The Gifts of the Spirit and fulfilling your calling. As people responded to the word, we had a time of prayer and ministry before our time of communion. A really super meeting and we all came away from it very encouraged for what God is doing in individual lives.


A really super meeting and we all came away from it very encouraged for what God is doing in individual lives.


Sunday 11 February 2024

Today we had a lot of great things happening at church. The service started at 11am with Jane leading us in a great time of praise and this was followed by Kirsty and Doug singing a duet. Following the duet, our newest member Isaac from Liberia shared with us his testimony and this was then followed by the word brought to us by Jennifer. She spoke around the theme of 'God is able' and brought us a very encouraging word which then led us into a time of worship and communion.

Meanwhile, our young people were in their various groups and we have posted a short report on the youth work 

page of the website.


Sunday 4 February 2024

We had a very busy Sunday morning this morning. Firstly we had our coffee and chat at 10am. Probably about 25 people come along to this before the service at 11am. It's a good time to get caught up with each other and a chance to chat. This week we had Graham and his team leading a wonderful time of worship before Eric came and gave the word. He spoke to us about standing still, standing our ground and not giving in. He spoke very lively from the life of life of Agnes Randolph who became renowned for her heroic defence of Dunbar Castle against a seige by William Montagu. Eric is an avid historian and drew us (metaphoricaly speaking) a very vivid picture of how much can be done by 'standing'. 

After the word, Eric then led us into a time of worship and communion. 


Sunday 28 January 2024

No two Sunday's are ever the same at church. This week it was Graham who led us in worship at the beginning followed by a wonderful solo by Brian. Jennifer then brought a very encouraging word to us regarding the healing of the paralysed man. She spoke about how there can be issues in our life which hold us back, which paralyse us spiritually and how Jesus is here to make us whole and for us to take up our mat and walk. It was a word that  was full of life, invitation and encouragement and was followed by a time or prayer, worship and communion.

We prayed very particularly for Brian who is facing significant surgery in the immediate future and for whom we will continue to uphold in prayer until he is well enough to be back among us again.


Sunday 21 January 2024

This morning we had our coffee and chat before the meeting began at 11am. There's always a good turnout for this and Brian and Flo did a great job in the kitchen this morning. We all felt well fed before the meeting started.

Claire led us in a lovely time of worship this morning and then Graham sang a great solo. After this, Susie spoke on the theme of 'the fire of God' and spoke from various times in the bible where God has made Himself known in the fire. She spoke about the necessity for the fire of God in each of our lives, and how to keep the fire burning brightly. We then had another time of worship and communion.

Check out our 'What's on Page' as our announcements after the meeting were full of 'save the date'! Lots of great things happening.


Sunday 14 January 2024

We had a super meeting this morning. Isobel led us in a time of worship at the beginning of the meeting which was then followed by the choir singing a lovely piece. Jennifer then spoke on the theme 'Consider Him', looking at different aspects of Christ and fixing our eyes on Him. This was followed by a lovely time of communion and worship.


Sunday 7 January 2024

Our first meeting of 2024 was taken by Alan and Leah today. The service started with a time of praise led by Leah and then Kirsty came and gave an update on the young people's work and how busy they had been in 2023. There were lots of photos of what the young people had done, where they had been and it is a testament to the incredibly hard work that went on behind the scenes by the youth workers, to create a timetable of varied and interesting events for our youth.

Willie sang a beautiful song in Finnish, the English translation coming up on the overhead and the words are as follows:

I’m a shattered clay vessel
Broken piece by piece
I was just weeping in confusion
I would never have let go

It was You, Lord, who crushed me
But you kept all the fragments
You loved me so much
You wanted something completely new

Give a new form to the clay!
Make me into a new vessel!
That’s how you show your love.
What’s been shattered you use again!

I want those who have been broken to know
That the fragments are not thrown away
Even cheap clay becomes precious
In the Master’s hands

Alan spoke from a verse in book of Daniel (ch3v27), the last part of the verse where it says '....and the smell of fire was not on them'. He spoke of how our life can go through hardships, but it is possible for us to come through them victoriously with 'no smell of the fire' being on us. God does not intend what we have been through to cling to us, it's not affecting how we live going forward. It was a message of trusting God, that our God can bring us through the fire and not be constantly looking back and worrying if this is going to happen again and how we will cope in the situation.

After the word we had a time of prayer and communion before closing in song.


Sunday 31 December 2023

Our final service of 2023 was one of praise and thanksgiving. As we look back over this year, we have a lot to give thanks for, and during our time of singing at the beginning this morning, the theme was very much one of praise.

Jennifer then spoke to us from the Lord's prayer and focussed on several verses and what it means for our own lives and the life of the church.

It was lovely to have a number of visitors with us this morning and thank God for his complete and utter faithfulness to us throughout this year in Struthers Church Glasgow. We look forward to bringing you regular updated in 2024.


Sunday 17 December 2023

A very full day at church. First we had the Sunday morning service where Claire led the worship at the beginning and then Susie spoke from Ephesians where Paul prays mighty prayers for all the believers and spoke of his love for each and every one of them no matter who they were. 

In the evening we had our wonderful candlelight service which was a truly memorable evening with carols, kids presentation, readings and the word brought to us by Jennifer. It was a very happy evening and all our visitors were made very welcome into such a lovely atmosphere.


Sunday 10 December 2023

A huge well done to Emma Rukin and a number of the teachers from Cedars School. They came to our Glasgow church this morning and gave a superb presentation on what is happening at the school.


Sunday 3 December 2023

We had a very busy Sunday morning today. Before the 11am meeting we had coffee and cake which started off at 10am. This is always popular and it gives us all a chance to sit and chat before the meeting.

This was followed by our 11am service our first carols of the season then a beautiful solo by Aja which she recently wrote. 

Andy brought the word to us this morning, speaking from the life of Simeon who saw Jesus when he was presented at the temple which then led to these wonderful words " Sovereign Lord, now let your servant die in peace, as you have promised. I have seen your salvation, which you have prepared for all people. He is  light to reveal God to the nations, and he is the glory of your people Israel" and then as Simoen addressed Mary and Joseph he says "This child is destined to cause many in Israel to fall, and many others to rise. He has been sent as a sign from God, but many will oppose him. As a result, the deepest thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your very soul"

Andy's word to us was then followed by a short time of prayer and communion. 

We all love these Sunday morning meetings and everyone is made very welcome.


Sunday 19 November 2023

As you see from our Sunday snippets, no two weeks are ever the same at church. We have a lot of different events taking place both for children and adults.

Today, Kirsty and her team led us in worship which was followed by Jennifer bringing us a very encouraging word from Ephesians.

After the service we had a church lunch together, where we had time to sit and chat to each other and catch up on one another's news. It's lovely when we have time to spend together in this kind of fellowship and we had a good hearty lunch laid on by Brian and his very able team.

Everyone is very welcome to join us at an of our services, times of which can be found on our 'what's on' section.

Remembrance Sunday 12 November 2023 

Revelation 21 v 3

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.

We held our Remembrance service this morning in glorious sunshine. Alistair played his bagpipes and Susie spoke then Eric laid the wreath. It is always a very solemn time.

Following our remembrance service this morning we had a lovely service where different people took part to bring us a beautiful Christ centred service. Lesley brought us a word from psalm 121 after Jane had led us in worship and Claire sang such a lovely solo. Following Lesley speaking, Jennifer took us into a time of prayer and communion.

5 November 2023

Before our 11am service this morning we had coffee and cake which is always a very happy event. If gives folks a chance to sit and chat before a meeting and to catch up on what has been happening through the week.

Here are a few candid shots of some happy faces this morning.


Following our coffee we were led in worship this morning by Graham and his team and also had a beautiful piece by the choir. Derek then came and spoke to us on the theme of running the race to win and gave us loads of examples of how we can achieve this in our lives. Before the end of the service we had a lovely time of worship and communion.

29 October 2023

Natalie and her team led us in a lovely time of worship this morning where we were able to lift our hands in praise and worship to our wonderful God. This was followed by Brian singing that beautiful hymn 'There is room at the Cross', accompaied by Lesley and Graham. By the end of the hymn we were all standing joining in, such was the sense of God.

Susie brought the word to us today, speaking about creation, the fall, the banishing from Eden and the tree of life. She spoke of the cross as being the tree of life that we can come to and freely eat. She spoke of the veil of the temple being rent and there is now a way for all of us into the holy of holies.

We had a time of prayer, worship and communion before our service ended.

22 October 2023

For a number of weeks in our Tuesday night bible study we have been focussing on the theme of prayer. Jennifer continued this morning on the same theme and encouraged everyone to move out to prayer in God during the worship time leading up to communion. 

We have learned a lot the past few weeks in these studies and it was time to put it into practice!


Sunday 1 October 2023

Once a month on a Sunday morning we gather at 10am to have a time of informal fellowship before the service begins.This morning we had coffee and pastries being served by Christine and Priya and then we moved through to the main sanctuary where we had a lovely communion service. As always, different people took part and we had a beautiful solo of "When I survey the wondrous cross" which really set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

Everyone is welcome to our Sunday morning meetings where infants and young people are catered for in their own meetings.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Some highlights from today. Our numbers were slightly down as a whole lot of our young people (and adults) were away on a youth weekend. We will hear from them on their return. We did however have a great meeting with some lovely worship at the beginning led by Jennifer, followed by a beautiful solo from Chloe, a testimony from Derek and the word brought to us by Zander. Following communion we had another short time of worship before we finished our service.

Sunday 10 September 2023

There are always a number of people who take part in our Sunday morning services and today was no exception. Our meeting started with Susie and the worship team leading us in a number of hymns and choruses which was then followed by a wonderful testimony to Salvation from Alison Neill. It is always so encouraging to hear how a life have been saved. Aja then sang a beautiful solo which she had written herself and had sung to us previously. The word, which was a gospel message, was then brought to us by Paul Sharkey followed by a time of communion. Both the Sunday school and Bible Class had their own meetings during the service.


Sunday 27 August 2023

This morning we had quite a number of people taking part in our service. Graham and his team started the meeting by leading us in a time of worship, which included a couple of super kids choruses before the children went to their own meetings. Following the time of worship, Brian sang a beautiful solo which we all loved and then Jennifer spoke to us from 2 Chronicles around Solomon's prayer during the dedication of the temple. We then had another time of worship and communion which was beautiful.

Sunday 20th August 2023

What a lovely service we had this morning. It started off with Leah and her team leading us in some kids choruses to start with and then some beautiful songs, reminding us of Christ and His wonderful sacrifice for us. That was followed by a lovely duet by Claire and Elaine and then we were delighted to have Alan Martin with us who brought the word to us this morning. He spoke from Matthew chapter 25 around the theme of the bags of gold and brought to us a different interpretation that usual which was very challenging, thought provoking and encouraging. 

The word was followed by a time of worship and communion before closing in song. There was a wonderful sense of the life of God in our midst and it was lovely to welcome new people who have never visited the church before.


Sunday 13 August 2023

This morning, following a time of lovely praise and worship led by Jennifer and the worship team, Janet brought the word to us. She spoke from various verses from the book of Ruth. She was speaking about Naomi and the part where Naomi says " me Mara, for the Almighty has made life very bitter for me". . She also spoke of the part in Exodus where Moses threw a piece of wood into the bitter water and it made the water good to drink. Janet spoke about the healing there is in the cross and as we bring our bitterness to Him, He will heal us. She urged us to come to the cross and give everything to Him. After the word, we had a time of communion and open prayer.


Sunday 6 August 2023

Another great Sunday morning service. We started this morning's meeting with songs of praise and thanksgiving for all God has done for us during this past week at church camp. One of our young people read out a psalm that the bible class group had written as they studied the psalms during the week. It is beautiful. That was followed by Sarah giving us a wonderful report of their recent trip to Rwanda and an update on the amazing work going on there. It was very encouraging as so many of us support this work. We followed the report with a short time of communion and prayer before finishing. 


Sunday 30 July 2023

We had a full agenda this morning. Firstly we had a super time of worship followed by a lovely solo brought to us by Brian Green. He sang "Because He Lives" and by the final chorus we were all on our feet joining in, in worship and praise. Brian's solo was followed by a great report of our youth camp and then this was followed by our Glasgow Choir singing a new song they have been learning and will be singing at camp this week. After the choir we had Kirsty bringing us the word and her theme was 'Worship' which led beautifully into a wonderful time of worship and communion. The meeting was full of the life of God in the midst of us and we all left feeling very full and uplifted.













Sunday 23 July 2023

We had a great meeting this morning. Our time of worship at the beginning was led by some of our young people followed by the word brought to us by Jennifer Offord. She preached a very encouraging word from 2 Kings 19 verses 29 to 31 which was then followed by a time of open prayer and communion. Our creche and Sunday schools were also busy. There is room for everyone on a Sunday morning from the tiniest baby upwards, so come along and join us anytime.


Jennifer leading us during the time of prayer and commuion 

After Kirsty brought us the word she led us in a time of worship

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