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Good News!

An amazing 35 years of hard work has paid off for Willie and Annuka as they held up the copies of the Ouldeme and Vame New Testaments. 

Willie and Annuka joined Wycliffe bible translators in 1989 and then headed out to Cameroon in 1992 where they began their life's labour of translating the New Testament in the Ouldeme and Vame languages.

We as a church have supported Willie and Annuka in their work throughout the years and words cannot describe how thrilled we were this morning when they brought copies of the newly printed bibles to church.


We are looking at the fruition of 35 years of incredible dedication and sacrifice by Willie and Anuuka to enable the Ouldeme and Vame peoples of Cameroon to have the New Testament in their own language.


Carers Meeting

Some photos from our carers meetings in May and June. They do differenct activities each month, punctuated with lots of tea, coffee and encouragement!


Saturday 11 may 2024

Enjoy photos of our packed Spring Fayre today. It was a fantastic event with dozens of visitors, lots of great crafts  tea and coffee and superb recitals by Kenny Gaw. 

Spring7 (1).jpeg
Spring1 (1).jpeg
Spring4 (1).jpeg
Spring8 (1).jpeg
Spring10 (1).jpeg

And a good time was had by all....the sun shone for our family fun day at Auchenfoyle Farm on Saturday 20th April. Both kids and adults had a fabulous day with loads of different activities.

Family day.jpeg

Holy Week 2024

Follow Jesus on His final week with these daily readings starting on Palm Sunday and taking us up to resurrection morning. Spend some time each day thinking on the passages you have read and what it means for your life, as Jesus laid down His life for you.


We held a coffee morning on Saturday 2 March from 10am until 1pm. It gave people a chance to come into the church, view our beautiful sanctuary and have tea, coffee and cake. Here are some photos of the morning.


Happy New Year to all our church members and friends. We pray it will be a very blessed year for you all.

Particular verses have been given to us this year by the leader of the Struthers group of churches, Diana Rutherford. The verses for 2024 which are known as the New Year Word are:

Isaiah 49 v 10 (second part) 

"For the Lord in his mercy will lead them;
   he will lead them beside cool waters."

Isaiah 49 v 11 (first part)

"And I will make my mountains into level paths for them."

Isaiah 51 v3

"The Lord will comfort Zion again
   and have pity on her ruins.
Her desert will blossom like Eden,
   her barren wilderness like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found there.
   Songs of thanksgiving will fill the air."

A fond farewell

On Monday 30 October 2023 a packed church said a fond farewell to our next door neighbour Phillip Bruno who has been attending Struthers church for many years. There was a fantastic turnout to honour a lovely man who was well known in the art world and his two sons came over from the US to speak at this celebration of his life. 

Phillip's wife Clare Henry wrote his obituary for The Herald and can be read in full here:

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