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Every wanted to buy a Christian book for a child but didn't know where to start? So many kids bibles out there are bible stories and other Christian books, which ones to choose?  On this page we have our very own parents of Struthers church Glasgow recommend and review books that their own kids have loved. Whether it be a toddler book or for a young teen, you'll find the recommendations here.

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The Boat  Noah Built by by Froeb, Lori C reviewed by Claire Beesley

 The boat Noah built is a fun book to read to your kids. There is a pop up ark on the water in the middle of the book and lots of animal stickers to apply to the pages as you read it. My boys love getting to put on the stickers and then to find all the different types of animals on the pages.

Here’s the Amazon link if you want to get it.

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The Jesus Storybook Bible By Sally Lloyd-Jones

reviewed by Natalie Deary


This is a beautifully illustrated bible for children of ages 4-10. It includes well loved stories from the old and new testament which are brought down to a child's level using lovely imagery. Every story points to Jesus and His love for us and how He's central to God's story and their lives too. I've really enjoyed reading this book to both my children. They love the illustrations and hearing stories they recognise from Sunday School. Most importantly it's written in a way that tells them Jesus is for them and they can find Him in everything. It's suitable now for my older child (10) to read for herself.

Baby's first Bible Stories reviewed by Chloe Neilson

This lovely children's bible allows you to share and encourage with short and simple stories.

The beautiful pictures have bee illustrated so colourfully to catch your child's attention and easily talk about what's happening in the bible story. I really like that it gives a simple prayer to pray with your little one and to give thanks to Him for what He has done.

My daughter is 3 but still loves this bible and picks it up herself to look through the pictures. She likes to role play and read to her teddies the stories we share together!

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